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hanshin pocha ceo
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We are

At Saemaeul Restaurant, we pride ourselves on bringing authentic Korean flavors to the U.S. We understand America's love for high-quality meats, and our menu is tailored to meet this expectation with our exceptional beef and pork dishes.

Our 'Yeoltan Bulgogi' is a prime example.

It's succulent pork marinated in our special house sauce and grilled to perfection, showcasing the classic Korean flavors while satisfying America's taste for tender, flavorful meat.

We also have exceptional beef dishes that cater to meat lovers. Our menu's dedication to premium meats ensures that every dish captures the essence of Korean culinary traditions.

For those who prefer a warming soup, our '7-Minute Kimchi Stew' is a must-try. This delightful stew boasts our house-fermented kimchi, tender pork, and an array of fresh vegetables, all coming together in just seven minutes.

In terms of ambiance, our restaurant is both modern and inviting. Our aim is to offer a glimpse of Korean culture in a clean, contemporary setting.

At Saemaeul Restaurant, we invite you on a gastronomic adventure, where each meal provides a deep dive into the rich traditions of Korean cuisine.

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